BOTP Teaching Programmes

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Knee Module

Consultant Lead:

Registrar Leads: Shakir Hussain

31st May                                                                          Organising registrar: Basil Budair

2.00–2.30   Trainee lecture: Anatomy of the knee – Govind Chauhan


2.30-3.00   Journal Club: Chairman: Mr. D. Prakash(Confirmed)

Presenting/Organising registrars

  1. Sabri Bleibleh
  2. Sophie Howles


3.00 – 4.00 Interactive sessions:

  1. Unicompartmental knee arthritis – Mr. M. Waites (Confirmed)
  2. Chondral Injuries of the knee – Mr. D. Prakash (Confirmed)
  3. Patello-femoral joint instabilityMr E Mughal (Confirmed)


4.00 – 4.30 Guest Lecture: Osteotomies around the knee – Mr. E. Mughal (Confirmed)



4.30 MCQ


7th June                                                                                 Organising registrar: Varun Dewan

2.00-2.30   Trainee lecture: Knee approaches – Charles Baird


2.30–3.00     Journal Club: Chairman: Mr. A. Thomas

Presenting/Organising registrars

                   1. Balasubramanian Balakumar

                 2. Ramez Golmohammed


3.00-3.30 Management options of OA Knee – Mr Deshpande(Confirmed)


3.30-4.30   Interactive sessions:

1. Ligamentous balancing in total knee replacement – Mr. A. Thomas (Confirmed)

2. Early and intra-operative complications of knee replacements – Mr. M. Revell (Confirmed)

3. How I examine the knee – Mr Deshpande (Confirmed)


4.30 – 4.45 Requested Additional lecture by Callum McBryde

The Mantis Trial- a RCT of hip AVN treatment



14th June 


 13:00 – 14:00         Lunch


14:00 – 15:00          Dr Kelly Vince, Orthopaedic Surgeon:

Time efficient evaluation of the problem knee


15:00 – 16:00          Professor Lee Jeys, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Managing complex knee cases


16:00 – 17:00          TBC



21st June                                     Organising registrar: Dan Thurston and Mohamed Elmajee

ROCC – Sandwell – Mr Gulati (Confirmed)

Clinical knee symposium:

28th June (Conf)                                             Organising registrar: Shakir Hussain

Dry Sawbones Workshop                                  

Kits provided courtesy of Chris Bush – Biomet Mr Deshpande (TBC)

Stryker – Greg Massey and Sally Richards- (Confirmed)


Kulkarni– (TBC)

 5th July                                                                       Organising registrar: Basil Budair


2.00-2.30   Trainee Lecture: Knee biomechanics – Adam Lloyd    


2.30-3.00 Journal Club: Chairman: (TBC)

Presenting/Organising registrars

1. Martin Li

2. Naeil Lotfi


3.00-4.00 Interactive sessions:

1. Isolated ACL injuries – Mr. T. Clare (Confirmed)

2. Isolated PCL/PLC injuries– Mr. T. Ashraf (Confirmed)

3. Management of the dislocated knee – Mr Baloch – (Confirmed)


4.00           Guest lecture: Meniscal injures/repair/transplant – Prof M. Snow (Confirmed)



12th July                                                                        Organising registrar: Shakir Hussain

ROH Knee Symposium – clinical cases



19th July                                                                      Organising registrar: Okezika Uhiara


2.00-2.30   Guest Lecture: Imaging of the Knee – Dr. R. Botchu (Confirmed)


2.30 -3.00   MCQ


3.00-3.30   Guest Lecture: Managing massive bone defects – Mr. M. Parry  (Confirmed)


3.30-4.30   Interactive sessions:

  1. Management of infected TKR – George Cooper (Confirmed)

2. Periprosthetic fractures around knee replacements – Mr. M. Parry – (Confirmed)

26th July  Organising registrar: Varun Dewan, Shakir Hussain, Basil Budair

Arthroscopy workshop – Mark Taylor – Arthrex Knee – (CONFIRMED)


Mr. S. Chugh – (TBC)

Mr. E. Mughal – (TBC)


2nd August 2019 (TBC)

VIVA – Compulsory attendance for registrars

Mr Mughal (TBC)

Mr Clare (TBC)

Mr Dewan (Confirmed)

Mr Baloch (TBC)

Mr Ashraf (TBC)

Mr Gulati (Confirmed)

Mr Kulkarni (Confirmed)

Mr Pemmaraju (TBC)

Arthroplasty Fellow

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