BOTP Teaching Programmes

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Paediatric Module

Consultant Lead: Mr E. Bache

Registrar Leads:

6th March 2020

Hand Teaching session Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Research and Teaching Centre

Programme to follow.

All teaching postponed for four weeks due to Coronavirus pandemic
10th April




17th April 2020                                                                       Organising reg: Basil Budair

2.00-2.30 Journal Club: Chairman: Mr H. PremConf

Organising/presenting registrars:

  1. Abdul Odeh
  2. Khabab Osman


2.30-3.00 Guest Lecture:

Club Foot – Mr H. PremConf


3.00-3.30 Trainee Lecture:

Chromosomal and teratologic disorders – Hartej Sur


3.30 Interactive sessions:

  1. Cavovarus foot – Mr H. PremConf
  2. Genu valgum/varum – Miss J Thomas Conf



24th April 2020                                                                       Organising reg: Varun Dewan

2.00-2.30   Journal Club: Chairman: Mr E. Bache Conf

Organising/presenting registrars:

1.Muaaz Tahir

  1. Calum Thomson


2.30–3.30 Guest Lectures:

  1. Growth plate injuries and growth arrest – Mr E. Bache Conf
  2. NAI – Dr K. Johnson – Conf


3.30 – 4.00 Trainee Lecture:

                        Assessment and classification of paediatric fractures – Daniel Thurston

4.00 Interactive sessions:

  1. Common upper limb fractures – Mr E. Bache Conf
  2. Common lower limb fractures – Dr K. Johnson- Conf



1st May 2020                                                              Organising reg: Gemma Smith

Pediatric Hip Symposium

Consultant lead: Mr B Varghese Conf    Organising registrar:

2-3pm DDH

3-4pm Perthe’s

4-5pm SUFE

8th May 2020




15th  May 2020                                                                       Organising reg: Raj Nandra


CANCELLED – Hand Teaching



22nd May 2020                                                           Organising reg: Varun Dewan

2.00-2.30 Journal Club: Chairman: Mr A. Gaffey

Organising/presenting registrars:

  1. Balakumar
  2. Sabri Bleblieh


2.30-3.00 Guest Lecture:

Assessment of leg length discrepancy – Mr A. Gaffey


3.00-3.30 Trainee Lecture:

Common metabolic disorders – Govind Chauhan


3.30 Interactive sessions:

  1. Torsional problems – Mr A. Gaffey
  2. Septic arthritis/osteomyelitis –Mr Varghese



29th May 2020                                                Organising reg: Gemma Smith

2.00-2.30 Journal Club: Chairman: Mr E. Bache

Organising/presenting registrars:

  1. Mohammed Elmajee
  2. Awais Habeebullah


2.30-3.00   Guest Lecture:

Assessment of the cerebral palsy patient – Mr E. Bache


3.00-3.30   Trainee Lecture:

Basic embryology – Sophie Howles


3.30 Interactive sessions:

  1. Hemiplegia/diplegia/quadriplegia – Mr E. Bache
  2. Hip dysplasia in Cereral Palsy – Mr B Varghese-


5th June 2020                                                                          Organising reg: Raj Nandra

2.00-2.30   Journal Club: Chairman: TBC

Organising/presenting registrars:

  1. Ed Jenner
  2. Mohamed Khalefa


2.30–3.00   Guest Lecture:

Paediatric upper limb abnormalities – TBC


3.30- 4.00   Trainee Lecture:

The paediatric knee – Martin Li

4.00 Interactive sessions:

  1. Pseudarthrosis/Blounts – TBC
  2. Calcaneovalgus/metatarsus adductus/ Tarsal coalition– TBC

4.30            Lecture:

Paediatric knee injuries –Mr Deshpande tbc


12th June 2020

Paediatric VIVA Session (RoCC BCH)

Consultant Leads Mr S. Noor, Mr Phillips, Mr Bache


19th June 2020


Research Day – Basil Budair