BOTP Teaching Programmes

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Foot and Ankle Module

Consultant Lead:

Registrar Leads: Basil Budair

15th February 2019

Regionally Organised Clinical Conference – New Cross Hospital

Chairman: Mr S. Deshpande                                            Organising registrar:  ?


22nd February 2019


Consultant Lead: Mr S Deshpande  TBC

1st March 2019

Research methodology afternoon – Mr Adrian Gardner Confirmed

8th March 2019                                                                       Organising reg: Varun Dewan

2.00-2.30   Journal Club: Chairman: Mr. H. Prem Confirmed

1.    Journal of foot and ankle surgery – Jan-Jun 2017 – Emir Battaloglu

2.    JBJS (Am) –  Jan-Jun 2017 – Awais Habeebullah


2.30–3.00   MCQ


3.00-3.30   Guest Lecture:

Tarsal Coalition – Mr. H. Prem Confirmed

3.30  Interactive sessions:

1. Hallux valgus – Mr. H. Prem Confirmed

2. Hallux rigidus – Venu Guduri Confirmed

15th March 2019


Hand Teaching Session, ROH

Tendon Injuries.

Consultant lead: Mr. Waldram

Programme to follow


22nd March                                                                              Organising reg: Basil Budair

2.00-2.30   Journal Club: Chairman: Mr. Y. Shaik TBC

1.  Classic paper – Huan Dong

2.  Journal of Foot and Ankle –Jul-Dec 2017 – Mohammed Elmajee


2.30–3.00  Trainee Lecture: Exposures around the foot and ankle – Ed Jenner


3.00-3.30  Guest Lecture: Ankle instability  – Mr. Y. Shaik TBC


3.30-4.00  Trainee Lecture: Ankle Fractures:


4.00           Interactive sessions:

1. Arthrodesis of the foot and ankle – Mr. Y. Shaik TBC

2. Total ankle replacement – Mr. M. Herron TBC


29th March                                                                     Organising reg: Shakir Hussain

2.00-2.30   Journal Club: Chairman: Mr A Marsh TBC

1. Classic paper  – Mohamed Khalefa

2. Bone and Joint Journal Jan-June 2018 – Raj Nandra


2.30–3.00  Trainee Lecture: Biomechanics of the foot and ankle – Jo Richards


3.00-3.30   Guest Lecture:

Amputations around the lower leg and foot – Mr. A. Marsh TBC


3.30    Interactive sessions:

1. Compressive Neuropathies Fascitis/fibroma/neuroma – Mr. I. Bissell Confirmed

2. Osteochondral lesion talus and impingement pain ankle – Mr. A. Marsh TBC

5th April                                                                       Organising reg: Kemi Alo

2.00-2.30 Guest Lecture: Imaging of Foot and Ankle – Dr. R. Botchu Confirmed


2.30–3.00    Journal Club: Chairman : Mr M. Pereira Confirmed

1. Journal of Foot and Ankle – Jul-Dec 2017 – Dan Thurston

2 CORR 2017 – Harshad Rajgor


3.00-3.30  Guest Lecture: The diabetic foot – Mr. M. Pereira Confirmed


3.30     Interactive sessions:

1. Podiatric assessment – Mr Rob Cox TBC

2. Heel pain – Mr M Pereira Confirmed


4.30 Trainee Lecture: Examination of the foot and ankle – Gemma Smith

12th April                                                                                Organising Reg: Basil Budair

2.00-2.30   Journal Club: Chairman : Mr S. Ali Confirmed

1. Classic Paper – Jul-Dec 2017 – Hartej Sur

2. Injury – Alastair Beaven


2.30–3.00  Guest Lecture: Rheumatoid arthritis of the foot and ankle – Mr. A. Thomas TBC


3.00-4.00  Interactive sessions:

1. Pes Cavus – Mr. A. Tillu TBC

2. Pes Planus – Mr. S. Ali Confirmed



4.00 – MCQ’s


19th April




26th April  Regionally Organised Clinical Conference  Hospital : Alexandra Hospital

Consultant Lead: Mr Mehra  TBC                Organising registrar: M. Khalefa