Past Trainees

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Our trainees, upon completion of their training in Birmingham, consolidate their experience in Post-CCT fellowships both in the UK and overseas before taking up consultant posts.

CCT DateNameFellowshipSpecialty/Hospital
1996* (1988)John O'HaraPaediatrics - Toronto, CanPaediatrics/Young Adult Hip - ROH, Birmingham (Retired)
1996* (1994)Eric IsbisterGeneral/Lower Limb - New Cross, Wolverhampton
1996* (1994)Ronan TreacyHip Surgery - ROH
1999Sanjiv ChughGeneral/Lower Limb - New Cross, Wolverhampton
2001Khalid BalochSports Knee - Coventry, UKKnee Surgery - ROH, Birmingham

Trauma - UHB, Birmingham

2001David DunlopLower Limb Recon - Vancouver, CanHip Surgery - ROH, Birmingham
2002Ed BachePaediatrics - Melbourne, AusPaediatrics/Young Adult Hip - BCH/ROH, Birmingham
2003Mark HerronFoot & Ankle - Bristol, UK
Foot & Ankle - Dublin, EIRE
Foot & Ankle - Oxford, UK
Foot & Ankle - London/Birmingham
2004Andrew PearsonLower Limb Recon, Oxford, UKHip Revision - ROH, Birmingham
Medical Director - ROH, Birmingham
2004Gavin PereiraTrauma - Vancouver, Can
Lower Limb Recon - New York, USA
University of California Davis Health
2005Lee BreakwellSpines - St Louis, USA,
Spines - San Diego, USA,
Spines - Nottingham, UK
Spines - STH, Sheffield
2006Richard DiasPulvertaft Hand - Derby, UK
Upper Limb - Derby, UK
General/Upper Limb - New Cross, Wolverhampton
2006Edward DavisLower Limb Recon - Toronto, CanGeneral/Lower Limb - ROH/Russell's Hall
2006Matthew RevellCavendish Fellow (Lower Limb Arthroplasty) - Sheffield, UKHip Revision - ROH, Birmingham
2006Andrew McGeeQueen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, Aus
Sports Surgery, Coventry, UK.
Hervey Bay and Maryborough Hospitals, Australia
2007Dominic Power
Pulvertaft Hand - Derby, UK
Birmingham Hand - Birmingham, UK
- Hand/Peripheral Nerve Surgeon - Birmingham Hand Centre, UHB
- Honorary Consultant - War Nerve Injuries DMRC Headley Court
- Honorary Academic Clinical Fellow - Aston University
2008Jonathon Luscombe-General/Hip - Alexandra Hospital, Redditch
2008Adrian GardnerNational Spine Fellow - Leeds, UKSpinal Surgery (Adult/Paediatric) - ROH, Birmingham
2008Ejaz MughalKnee - Derby, UKGeneral/Knee - New Cross, Wolverhampton
2008Simon TanHands/Microsurgery - QMC Nottingham
Hands/Microsurgery - UMMC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hand/Peripheral Nerve - UHB, Birmingham
2009James PhillipsPaediatrics - BCH, Birmingham
2009Gordon HigginsLower Limb Recon - Toronto, CanGeneral/Lower Limb - Torbay
2010Callum McBrydeYoung Adult Hip - Melbourne, AusYoung Adult Hip - ROH, Birmingham
2010Ravichandran KarthikeyenCavendish Fellow (Lower Limb Arthroplasty) - Sheffield, UKTrauma/Pelvis - UHB, Birmingham
2011Ayaz LakdawalaKnee - London, UK
Knee - Exeter, UK
General/Knee - George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton
2011Akshay MehraLower Limb Recon - Leicester, UK
Lower Limb Recon - Toronto, Can
General/Hip - Alexandra Hospital, Redditch
2011Curtis RobbKnee - Bristol, UK
Knee - Coventry, UK
Knee - Melbourne, Aus
Knee - Warrington
2011Richard PotterUpper Limb - Derby, UKUpper Limb - RJAH, Oswestry
2012Tim McBrideUpper Limb - Wrightington, UKGeneral/Upper Limb - New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
2012Simon CockshotKnee - Derby, UKGeneral/Knee - Royal Derby Hospital, Derby
2012Noel FisherFoot & Ankle - Manchester, UKGeneral/Foot & Ankle - Macclesfield
2012Michael LwinLower Limn Recon - Wrightington, UK
Lower Limb Recon - Leicester, UK
General/Lower Limb - Hinchingbrooke
2012Chris ArmitsteadShoulder & Elbow - Derby, UKGeneral/Upper Limb - Crewe
2013Steffan HutchingsLower Limb Recon - Leicester, UKGeneral/Lower Limb - UHL, Leicester
2013Emma ShearsPaediatric Orthopaedics - UHNM, Stoke
2014Paul FentonLimb Reconstruction - Bristol, UK
Foot & Ankle – Sheffield, UK
AO Trauma – Tampa, Florida, USA
Trauma/Limb Reconstruction - UHB, Birmingham
2014Bishoy YoussefHip & Pelvis - Wrightington, UKTrauma/Lower Limb - UHNM, Stoke
2014Kanthan TheivendranUpper Limb - Wrightington, UK
Upper Limb - Derby, UK
Upper Limb - City & Sandwell, Birmingham
2014Deepu SethiLower Limb Recon - Leicester, UK
Knee - Adelaide, Aus
General/Knee - Homerton University Hospital, London
2015Samuel ChanShoulder & Elbow - Liverpool, UKTrauma/Upper Limb - UHB, Birmingham
2016Tahseen ChoudhryHands - Birmingham, UK
Peripheral Nerve - Birmingham, UK
Hand/Peripheral Nerve - UHB, Birmingham
2016Karanjit MangatPulvertaft Hand & Wrist - Derby, UK
Shoulder & Elbow - Liverpool, UK
General/Upper Limb - Warwick
2016Mohammed ShahidLower Limb Recon - Nottingham, UK
Lower Limb Recon - Toronto, Can
General/Lower Limb - Worcester
2016Simon MacleanUpper Limb - Adelaide, Aus
Upper Limb - Brisbane, Aus
General/Upper Limb - Tauranga, NZ
2016Richard KnightHand - Wrightington, UKHand & Wrist - Airedale
2017Amit KotechaLower Limb Recon - Coventry, UKGeneral/Lower Limb - Burton
2016Michael DavidHands - UHB, Birmingham, UK
Hands - Salford Royal Hospital, UK
Hand/Wrist Surgeon - UHCW, Coventry
2016Zaki ChoudhurySpines - Sheffield, UK
Spines - Edinburgh, UK
Spines - GOSH, UK
Spinal Surgery (Adult/Paediatric) - JCUH, Middlesbrough
2017Edward LaugharneLower Limb Recon - Bristol, UK
Lower Limb Recon - Exeter, UK
General/Lower Limb
2017Arul RamasamyFoot & Ankle - Oxford, UK
Foot & Ankle - London, UK
Foot & Ankle - Milton Keynes
Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Engineering - Imperial College
2017Scott EvansOncology - Birmingham, UK
Oncology - Oxford, UK
Oncology/Arthroplasty - ROH, Birmingham
2017Navjit BaliFoot & Ankle - Bristol, UK
Foot & Ankle - Aus
Foot & Ankle - Hervey Bay Hospital, Queensland, Aus
2017Jonathan WardComplex Trauma - London, UKMajor Trauma, Hip & Pelvis Reconstruction
Barts Health NHS Trust
2017Raj ThakrarKnees/Sport - UCLH, London, UK
Knees/Sports/Osteotomies - Basingstoke, UK
Knees - Lister Hospital, Stevenage
2017George CooperLower Limb Recon - Bristol, UK
Knee - Birmingham, UK
Arthroplasty - Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
2017Saqib NoorPaediatrics - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Paediatrics - Sydney, Aus
Paediatrics - Toronto, Can
2018Feiran WuTIG Fellowship - Upper Limb - Wrightington, UK
Hands - UHB, Birmingham, UK
Upper Limb/Hands - Heartlands Hospital
2018Akash SharmaLower Limb - Oxford, UKKnee - ROH
2018Kamran ShahidLower Limb Recon - Winnipeg, Canada
Lower Limb - Kings, London
2018Usman AhmedCavendish Fellow (Lower Limb Arthroplasty) - Sheffield, UKGeneral/Lower Limb - Worcester Acute Hospitals
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2018Shahbaz MalikSports (Shoulder/Knee) - ROH, Birmingham
Sports (Shoulder/Knee) - Winnipeg, Canada
General/Upper - Worcester Acute Hospitals
2018Iosef PagkalosLower Limb Arthroplasty - Bournemouth, UK
Lower Limb Arthroplasty - ROH, Birmingham
Arthroplasty - ROH
2018Jakub KozdrykLower Limb Arthroplasty - ROH, Birmingham
Lower Limb Arthroplasty/Trauma - Coventry, UK
Arthroplasty/Trauma - UHCW
2018Guy MorrisOncology - Sydney, AusOncology - ROH, Birmingham

*The Specialist Register was established by the GMC in 1996 so all CCT prior to this date are recorded as 1996. The date given in brackets denotes when training was completed.