2012 Summer

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 15th June

Venue: Scarman House, University of Warwick

President: Mr Steve Krikler

Naughton Dunn Lecture: Professor Christian Krettek, Hannover


The Correlation between MRI and arthroscopy in meniscal, ligamentous and degenerative knee injuries – a retrospective study. Bhavsar D, McFarlane J, Paliobeis C. (Hereford)

The Acutely locked knee: Does it warrant an urgent arthroscopy? Man WY, Uppal A, Roberts H, Yousseff B, Chugh S. (Wolverhampton)

A comparison of Fibre Wire Fixation vs. Tension Band Wiring for Patella Fractures. Waigasooria K, Nandra R, Gee E, Chan SKL, Iqbal MJ, Shah M.(Walsall Manor)

Distal femoral endoprostheses and rotating hinge knee replacements in the management of knee trauma. Evans S, Ramasamay A, Sangha N, Doyle S, Jeys L.(ROH)


Risk of contralateral femoral neck fractures following first hip fracture. Lau CFJ, Abdul Aziz Al-Akbar ANB, Ho Ki Wai K, Sadique S (Worcester)

Early Outcomes of ‘Mini-Hip’ Arthroplasty. Marks A, Mariathas C, Hill C, Brown J, Donaire D, Foguet P, Krikler S, Prakash U. (Coventry)

Depression and anxiety in arthroplasty patients: is there any correlation with severity of osteoarthritis? Ribee HK, Kozdryk S, Quraishi S, Waites M. (Dudley)

A clinico-pathological study of 60 revised metal-on-metal (MoM) hip arthroplasties seeking evidence for reactions to metal debris (ARMD). Matharu G, Revell MP, Sumathi V, Pynsent PB, Revell PA. (ROH)

Paediatrics/Limb reconstruction

Management of middle facet tarsal coalitions. Akilapa S, Prem H (BCH)

Modified Dunn osteotomy in the treatment of severe SUFE Harrison J, Bali N, McBride T, Bache CE. (BCH)

Ilizarov technique in the management of infected non-union of the tibia Shahid M, Hussain A, Malik S, Bose D. (QEH)

Upper Limb

Digital Replantation at the Birmingham Hand Centre: 2005-2011 Maclean S, Crawford L, Kotecha A, Waldram M. (QEH)

Are plain radiographs useful in accurately classifying distal radius fractures? Taithongchai A, Evans S, David M, Machani B.(Sandwell)

Is the anterior flange on the humeral component of the Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Replacement (TER) prosthesis useful? A computer based analysis Mohammed N, Cooper G, Nixon J, Swadener J, Tansley G, Deshmukh (University Aston)


What factors affect length of stay in Enhanced Recovery Protocols? Ribee HK, Knight R (Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley)

Arthroscopic debridement and capsulectomy for the treatment of elbow osteoarthritis. Maclean S, Oni T, Crawford L, Deshmukh S (City Hospital)

Surgical management of periacetabular metastases  Shahid M, Saunders T, Jeys L, Grimer R (ROH)

Standards for the Oxford hip score following total hip replacement and hip resurfacing. Matharu GS, McBryde CW, Pynsent PB. (ROH)

Inappropriate CRP measurement post elective hip and knee arthroplasty Gee E, Saeed M, Selzer G (Walsall)