2012 Winter

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 23rd November

Venue: Postgraduate Centre, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

President: Mr John Dwyer

FG Allan Lecture: Children’s Fractures; 20 years of progress? Mr James Hunter (FRCS), Nottingham


Femoral neck fracture following Birmingham Hip resurfacing arthroplasty: prevalence, time to fracture, and outcome following revision. Matharu G, McBryde CW, Revell MP, Pynsent PB. (ROH)

Surgical site infections (SSI) following arthroplasty. Neelapala V, Ahmed U, Mimmack S, Chaudhry S, Dunlop DJ (ROH)

Deferring Physiotherapy on the first post-operative day: Do arthroplasty patients get there on time? Bourns S, Knight R, Paliobeis C. (Hereford)


Surgical fixation of Garden 1 and 2 neck of femur fractures: A comparison of cannulated screws versus a 2-hole dynamic hip screw. Awid O, Malik S, Ashraf M, Bose D. (UHB)

Outcome following neck of femur fracture sustained as an Inpatient. Sarmah P, Merker L, Docker C. (Worcester)

A prospective study looking at the use of thyroid shield and dose of radiation per trauma case in a local district general hospital
Watkin H, Shahid M, Malik S, Ahmed U, Roy S. (Sandwell)

The use of Osteoset-T in the treatment of chronic osteomylitis of the tibia following exogenous trauma – a review of 22 patients at a regional trauma centre. Noor S, Bridgeman P, Humm G, David M, Mehdian R, Bose D. (UHB)


Staged weaning versus immediate cessation of Pavlik harness treatment for developmental dysplasia of the hip. Mackay ND, Westacott DJ, Waton A, Webb MSL, Henman P, Cooke SJ. (Coventry)

Modified Imhauser osteotomy – An assessment of the addition of an open femoral neck osteoplasty. Bali N, Harrison J, Bache CE (ROH)

Septic arthritis in children- predictive factors, management and sequelae: An analysis from a UK Paediatric Hospital. Maclean SBM, Timmis C, Nijran A, Evans S, Lawniczak D. (BCH)

Upper limb/Tumour

Audiovisual distraction as an adjunct to anxiety relief in hand surgery with regional anaesthesia Wu F, Shahid M, Lawson-Smith M, Hayward S, Rees G, Waldram M. (UHB)

Distal volar plates: How anatomical are they? Evans S, Ramasamy A, Deshmukh S. (City/Sandwell)

Is death within one year of diagnosis an indicator of delay in presentation for patients with sarcomas? Nandra R, Matharu G, Reddy K, Grimer R. (ROH)


The financial cost of managing tibial plateau fractures at a specialist trauma centre. Myatt R, Miles J, Matharu G, Cockshott S, Kendrew J (UHB)

Long Term Functional outcomes after open release for Medial Epicondylitis. Shahd M, Wu F, Deshmukh S. (City/Sandwell)

Trauma Theatre Delay in the evening – Is elective Orthopaedics to blame Rai P, Baraza N (Coventry)

A comparison of two methods of measuring cup version and inclination in plain radiographs after Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Mclaughlin T, Pynsent P, Berryman F (ROH)

Analysis of the scoliosis research society-22 questionnaire score: is there a difference between a child and parent and does physician review change that? Brewer P, Berryman F, Baker D, Pynsent P, Gardner A. (ROH)