2013 Winter

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 31st May

Venue: Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

President: Mr John O’Hara

FG Allan Lecture: Mr Tony Andrade

Best Paper Prize – C Downham

Best Poster Prize – O Uhiara


The anterior cruciate ligament-hamstring reflex: can this be used in clinical setting? C Anley, J Abualhasan, M Grey, M Snow (ROH)

Incidence Of Patellar De-Stabilising Factors In An Asymptomatic Knee U Ahmed, A Hussein, KL Kneale, S Choudhary, T Ashraf

*BEST PAPER* Survival and risk factors for failure in Anatomic ACL Reconstruction – The importance of meniscal preservation C Downham, C Hickson, C Robb, P Thompson,T Spalding (Coventry)


Ankle Arthroscopy in A Cohort of Military Patients: A Retrospective Review J Ward, S MacLean, K Starkey, SA Ali (QEH)

An Evaluation of predictive scores for massive transfusion in a trauma cohort clinically judged to be at high risk of massive haemorrhage Boutefnouchet T, Gregg R, Steadman J, Doughty H, Porter K (QEH)

Manipulation Or Percutaneous Fixation For Type II And Type III Supracondylar Fractures, Do We Know The Answer? R Jordan, E Ramhamadany, N Lotfi, K Srinivas (Heartlands Hospital)


Body Mass Index Of Patients In Pre-Operative And Post-Operative Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery Correction S Talibi, G Morris, S Malik, J Spilsbury, A Gardner (UHNS/ROH)

The Surgical Management Of Spinal Deformity In Children With A Fontan Circulation: Developement Of A Treatment Algorithm. Evans S, Ramasamy A, Miller P, Tatman A, Spilsbury J, Marks D, Gardner A. (ROH)


Universal or selective ultrasound screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip? A comparative cohort study E.Shears, D.Butler, S.J.Cooke, A.Gaffey (UHCW)

Efficacy of using air arthrogram for examination under and injection of hip joint in adults. Shahid M, Shyamsunder S, McBryde C, O’Hara J, Bache CE (ROH)

Is admission body temperature an independent predictor of short-term mortality in patients presenting with a hip fracture? CJ Thomas, RP Smith, A Khan, S Balasubramanian, M Venkatesan, C Uzoigwe (Leicester)

The Ice-Cream Cone Prosthesis: A Novel Method for Acetabular Reconstruction Using an Extended Posterior Approach R Mehdian, GS Matharu, D Sethi, L Jeys (ROH)


The use of transdermal glyceryl trinitrate in the treatment of ischaemia following toe deformity correction: a case series Boyce L, Dhukaram V (UHCW)

Secondary prevention of fragility fractures in patients with colles fracture: The completion of an audit. Bechar J, Griffiths A, Nandra R, Bose D. (QEH)

*BEST POSTER* Retrospective comparison of dorsal rami block and Epidural versus subfascial block with Bupivacaine in lumbar discectomy for enhanced recovery. Uhiara O, Sian P, Virdee H, Nandra R, Jackowski A, Stirling A (ROH)

An analysis of the Biomechanics of Interference screw fixation and a sheathed device for biceps tendosis Saithna A, Anley C, Morris G, Chizari M, Snow M. (ROH)