2014 Winter

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 5th December

Venue: Birmingham Children’s Hospital

President: Mr John O’Hara

FG Allan Lecture: The history of limb lengthening (past, present and future. Mr F Monsell FRCS(Orth)

Best Paper Prize – J Bassett

Best Poster Prize – G Smith

Upper limb

A retrospective analysis of radiological outcome of fixation of acute displaced scaphoid fracture. Bhattachacharjee R, Ahmed U, Malik S, Deshmukh S

The Laterjet procedure for recurrent shoulder dislocations – some modifications with excellent results. Karmegam A, Lee C, Phoolchund A, Sivardeen Z. (Homerton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)



Osteonecrosis of the knee – a retrospective series with 6 year follow up. Jordan RW, El-Shazly M. Droitwich knee clinic

The incidence of Patella Baja after unicompartmental knee replacement. Hirons ELJ, Thein OS, Prakash R, Prakash D. (Sandwell)

*BEST PAPER* MRI analysis of the anterolateral ligament of the knee Bassett J, Dhillon M, Thompson P, Spalding T, Sprowson A, Hutchinson C. (UHCW)

Does intra-operative imaging improve accuracy of hallux valgus correction with scarf osteotomy? Cooper G, Ramasamy A, Guha A.(Redditch)



The use of short metaphyseal stems in total hip arthroplasty for anatomic indications. Pagkalos J, Docker C. (Worcester)

Predictors of time to revision and clinical outcomes following revision of metal-   on-metal hip replacements for adverse reaction to metal debris. Matharu G, Pynsent PB, Sumathi VP, Mittal S, Buckley CD, Dunlop DJ, Revell PA, Revell MP (ROH)

The incidence of failure in the use of intramedullary femoral nail fixation for proximal femoral fractures. Morris G, Pagkalos I, Marsh A. (Dudley)



A review of open tibial fractures in children Wu F, Nandra R, Sahemey R, Bache CE. (BCH)

If your lump is bigger than a golf ball and growing think Sarcoma. Nandra R, Forsberg J, Grimer R. (ROH).

Distal fixation with pedicle screws in the use of vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib (VEPTR) for early onset scoliosis. Laugharne E, Nandra R, Mehta J. (ROH).

Orthopaedic sequelae of Chickenpox. Kotecha A, LawinczaK D, Shears E, Dimitriou R, Bache CE (BCH)



Outcomes of combined tibial tuberosity transfer and medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for recurrent patella instability.Pemmaraju G, Bassett J, Nagra G, Abbas R, Chugh S, Mughal E. (Wolverhampton).

Posterior sterno-clavicular injuries in adolescent patients Kotecha A, Thrackrar R, Bache CE (BCH)

An audit of open fracture management in Russell’s Hall District General Hospital as outlined by the British association of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (BAPRAS) and the British orthopaedic association (BOA) Lotfi N, Lloyd A, Morris G, Waites M (Dudley)

Is Routine post operative imaging following spinal surgery: is it really necessary? Buchanan D, Gardner A. (ROH)

*BEST POSTER* The delivery of physiotherapy to patients undergoing hip arthroscopy at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital – completion of the audit cycle. Mastan S, Smith G, David M, McBryde C, Bache CE