2015 Summer

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 19th June

Venue: Lucas House, University of Birmingham

President: Mr Subodh Deshmukh

Naughton Dunn Lecture: “Upper Limb Arthroplasty – Current state of the Art” – Professor Ian Trail (MBchB, MD, ECFMG, FRCS)

Best Paper Prize – G Matharu

Best Poster Prize – A Isaacson


A Volar Plate is not just a Volar plate Knight R, Elliott L, Brewster M, Power D. (QEH)

“Make it a quick one” The relationship between operative time and 30 day mortality in ASA 3 and 4 patients undergoing hip hemiarthroplasty.Jones A. (Worcester).

Outcomes of an Integrated Surgical and Anaesthetic Trauma Surgery Service Sidhu M, Mangat K, Machani. (Sandwell).



Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus Infected Arthroplasty; Is Amputation fait accompli? Evans S, Sidique H, Mimmack S, Jumma P, Jeys L. (ROH)

The value of Gram staining in management of septic arthritis. Barsaiyan R, Kulshreshtha R, Malik A. (Sandwell)

The value of an Isotope Bone Scintography in painful arthroplasty. Kotecha A, Mangat K, Isbister E. (Wolverhampton)


Foot and Ankle

First Metatarsophalangeal Joint (MTPJ) Arthrodesis: The RJAH experience over   5 years. Isaacson A, Cattell A, Bing A. (Oswestry)

The two to twelve year results of autologous chondrocyte implantation for osteochondral lesions in the talus. Pradhan A, Lever C, Makwana N, Kuiper J, Roberts S, Parker J, Robinson J,     Richardson JB. (RJAH, Oswestry)




Three Tesla Magnetric Resonance Imaging (3T MRI) of the hip for the   diagnosis of acetabular labral tears. Lynch J, Diamond O, McBryde C, James S. (ROH)

*BEST PAPER* Follow-up of metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty patients: the utility of repeat ultrasound scanning. Matharu GS, Janardhan S, Brash L, Pynsent PB, Dunlop DJ, James SLJ. (ROH)



Correlation of predicted and actual timing of removal of 8 plates angular correction. Can we reduce post op clinic visits and x ray exposure. Ohiara O, Buchanan D, Gaffey A. (BCH)

Morquio-Brailsford syndrome – A functional report of hemiepiphyseodesis correction of genu valgum.  Cooper GA, Southorn T, Eastwood DM, Bache CE. (BCH)

Is the routine use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Indicated In Patiens with Scoliosis? Dewan V, Forster S, Matthews J, Newton Ede M, Mehta J, Spilsbury J, Gardner A. (ROH)

Role of tibialis anterior tendon transfer as a check rein preventing recurrence following tibial dorsiflexion osteotomy for equinus in clubfeet. Malik SS, Knight R, Ahmed U, Prem H. (BCH)



Does use of the image intensifier improve the final alignment in first MTPJ arthrodesis? Li Y, Cooper G, Guha A. (redditch)

*BEST POSTER* Ultrasound triage of 2 week wait cancer patients referred to a sarcoma centre: Combined clinical and ultrasound assessment reduces hospital visits and need for MRI. Isaacson A, Stevenson J, Winn N, Cool P, Cribb G. (Oswestry).

How can we improve analgesia control in patients admitted for trauma surgery? Sidhu M, Hirons E, Malik A.(Sandwell)

Investigation of temporal gait parameters in rats with antigen induced arthritis. Shahid MK, Madette J, Bonnet C, Mason D, Holt CA. (Cardiff University)