2015 Winter

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 27th November

Venue: Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

President: Mr Subodh Deshmukh

FG Allan Lecture: “Shoulder instability: Born loose, Torn loose or Drawn loose” Stuart Hay MBChB, FRCS (Orth).

Best Paper Prize – H Mahmood

Best Poster Prize – E Battaloglu


BOTA/IOSUK Travelling Fellowship; Experience of a senior Birmingham Trainee  A Kotecha

An audit of fixation of extra-capsular neck of femur fractures O Uhiara, K Theivendran, J Cooper QEH

Prediction of duration of hospitalisation after neck of femur fractures?  D Buchanan, A James, K Wahab, Stoke

*BEST PAPER*Best practice tariff for neck of femur fractures – are we getting   better and does it make a difference to outcome? H Mahmood, D Tung, G Smith, S Chugh, Wolverhampton

Early postoperative infection following surgery for closed fracture/injuries, a study over a period of three years.  R Rangan, Syed, R Karthikeyan, QEH

An innovative technique, using single incision tightrope augmentation in lateral third clavicle fractures. R Nandra, S Maclean, S Kalogrianitis (QEH)



Is the Haller index an appropriate measure for all levels of the thoracic cage? J Archer, A Gardner, ROH

Intramedullary skeletal kinetic distractor (ISKD): Retrospective series V Kumar, A Gaffey, D Buchanan, ROH

A comparison of ketamine sedation and general anaesthesia in the manipulation of paediatric and forearm and wrist fractures. RW Jordan, D Westcott, A Aquilani, C Wilding, S Cooke (UHCW)

Long-term outcomes following Birmingham Interlocking Pelvis Osteotomy for Legg-Calve-Perthes disease U Ahmed, S Malik, A Politis, G Morris, C McBryde, CE Bache, J O’Hara (ROH)

Investigating a suspicious clavicle lesion S Hussain, Z Khan, N Akhtar, R Grimer, (ROH)

Malignant bone tumours of the foot: a 30 yr experience A Ramasamy, S Evans, N Bali, Z Khan, R Grimer, L Jeys, (ROH)

Multidrug Resistant Bacteria: An independent prognostic variable for failure in lower limb joint arthroplasty? H Sadique, S Evans, P Jumaa, N Reeves, L Jeys, (ROH)



*BEST POSTER* Computed Tomography in Trauma – Do Scoop Stretchers Increase Radiation Exposure E Battaloglu, N Shastri-Hurst, M Ballard, K Porter (QEH)

Semi-extended extra synovial techique for tibial nailing S Hussain, R Karthikeyan, J Cooper (QEH)

Audit looking at the routine measurement of inflammatory markers post arthroplasty at Walsall Manor Hospital D Dhillon, F Awad, M Shahid, G Selzer, (Walsall)

Co-prescription of Opioids and laxatives in Orthopaedics J Barrett-Lee, M Abdel-Malek, O Uhiara, R Raine, (Wolverhampton)