2016 Summer

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 27th May

Venue: Worcester Royal Hospital

President: Mr Kevin O’Dwyer

Naughton Dunn Lecture: Professor Colin Howie MBChB, FRCS (Ed), FRCS(Orth)

Best Paper Prize –

Best Poster Prize – J Aspley


Out of hours operating in Trauma and Orthopaedics Gulamhussein MA, Chaudhry S, Guha A. (Redditch)

The weekend effect: a retrospective cross sectional study reporting 30 day mortality rates of fracture neck of femur patients, stratified by day of admission to a level one trauma centre. Pullan J, Nandra R, Baloch K, Porter KP. QEH



Proximal femoral osteotomy in treating adolescent and young adult hip deformities – single surgeon experience.  Mourkus H, McBryde C. (ROH)

Triple pelvic osteotomy for acetabular retroversion:a case series Dehne K, Budair B, Politis A, McBryde , Bache CE. (ROH)

Outcome of uncemented total hip replacement while preserving medial acetabular osteophytes. Malik S, Hussain S, Budair B, Prakash R, Prakash D. (Sandwell).

The effectiveness of blood metal ions in identifying unilateral Birmingham Hip Resurfacing and Corail-Pinnicle metal-on-metal hip patients at risk of adverse reactions to metal debris. Matharu G, Berryman F, Brash L, Pynsent PB, Treacy RB, Dunlop DJ. ROH

Twenty year data of the Exeter Universal Hip Stem in Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Lofti N, O’Dwyer K. (Worcester)

Is endoprosthetic replacement of the proximal femur appropriate in the co-morbid patient? Khajuria A, MacDonald D, Ward J, Cooper G, Stevenson J, Parry M, Jeys L. (ROH)



Hylan GF-20 viscosupplementation in the treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee: long term follow-up results at 5 years. Boutefnouchet T, Puranik G, Holmes E, Bell KM. (Redditch)

Can a silver coated arthrodesis implant provide a viable alternative to above knee amputation in the unsalvageable infected total knee replacement. Cooper G, Wilding CP, Freeman AK, Parry MC, Jeys L. (ROH)


Upper limb

Evaluating the role of ultrasound in diagnosis of suspected skier’s thumb. Deall C, Choudhary S, Jose R, Knight R.

Design and development of a new and improved proximal                     interphalyngeal joint fixation device. Barinova V, Leslie LJ, Swadener JG, Junaid S, Theivendran K, Deshmukh SC. Aston University

What is the significance of fungation in soft tissue sarcomas?  Evans S, Parry M, Sugath S, Wafa H, Jeys L, Grimer R. (ROH)

Surgical management of distal humeral fractures in elderly patients, is fixation or replacement best?Jordan RW, Saithna A, Lawrence T, Drew S, Modi C. (UHCW)

Metastatic lesions of the hand. Morris G, Evans S, Kotecha A, Stevenson J, Parry M, Grimer R. (ROH)



The plaster cast index in Paediatric forearm fractures at The Alexander Hospital redditch. Awad M, Chaudhry S


*BEST POSTER* Development of an intertrochanteric hip fracture training tool Vader A, Aspley J, Shaju J, Junaid S, Leslie L, Swadener G, Thievendran K, Deshmukh S. Aston University


Retrospective audit assessing the rates of pressure sore development in patients with fracture neck of femur at New Cross Hospital between March-September 2015. Reynoulds A, Dias R, Dhillon S. Wolverhampton.




            Stryker UK

            Griffiths and Nielsen