2017 Summer

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 9th June

Venue: Russell’s Hall Hospital

President: Mr Sohail Butt

Naughton Dunn Lecture: Advances in Spinal Surgery – Mr AJ Stirling

Best Paper Prize – E Jenner

Best Poster Prize – S Ashraf


Delayed distal radial fracture fixation: A case series. Lofti N, Dimou L, Mahroof S, Raine A. (New Cross, Wolverhampton)

Re-configuring fracture clinic referral pathways time to review the “traditional model”. Weiyun W, Cheng S, Lloyd A, Raine RA, Mahroof S,(New Cross)

Risk factors for postoperative delirium after neck of femur fracture surgery. Tahir M, Malik S, Naqvi H, Malik A. (Heartlands/Sandwell).

*BEST PAPER* Screw stabilization of type II odontoid peg fractures. Jenner E, Rehousek P, Holton J, Czyz M.(ROH)

Re-operation after olecranon fixation in the elderly  Chauhan G, Knapper T, Chesser (Bristol)



The role of SPECT/CT in the diagnosis of bone infection. Uhiara O, Bose D, Balamoody S. (QEH)

Outcomes following the use of computer navigation-assisted surgery in patients undergoing resection of pelvic and sacral tumours. Nandra R, Matharu G, Stevenson GS, Parry M, Jeys L (ROH)



Risk factors for failure of the Pinnacle metal-on-metal total hip replacement: a retrospective single-centre cohort study.Matharu GS, Nandra RS, Berryman F, Judge A, Pynsent PB, Dunlop DJ.  (ROH)                            

Novel arthroscopic rasp for hip chondroplasty. Dhokia S, Dewan V, Leslie LJ, Swadener JG, Theivendran K, Deshmukh SC. (Aston University)

A novel method for safe and efficient preoperative digital templating of the acetabular component. Arnaout F, Dewan V, Paliobeis (Hereford)

Does experience of the surgeon affect acetabular component placement in total hip arthroplasty? Hussain S, Cloake T, Malik S, Ahmed U, Sikand (Sandwell)



Guided growth with distal femoral anterior hemiepiphyseodesis for correction of fixed flexion deformity Vinay S, Dimitriou R, Bache CE (BCH)

Paediatric wire removal: Audit of current practice in two West Midlands Orthopaedic departments. Lloyd A, Dewan V, Sikand M, Raine A. (Sandwell/New Cross)



How 3D printing technology can be used in the design and testing of orthopaedic screws. Connolly A, Leslie LJ, Swadener JG, Junaid S, Theivendran K, Deshmukh (Aston)

Does surgical wound tape orientation matter? Turner M, Leslie LJ, Swadener JG, Theivendran K, Deshmukh SC, Junaid S (Aston)

The difficulties of assessing subscapularis tears using MRI and USS in a large district General Hospital. Lofti N, Ward J, McBride T, Dias R (New Cross)

The long term clinical outcomes of radial shortening osteotomy for Kienbock’s disease. Uhiara O, Rooker J, Waldram M (ROH)