Winter 2018 Meeting Programme

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Naughton Dunn meeting 23rdNovember 2018

Research and Teaching Centre

Royal Orthopaedic Hospital




13:00 – Registration and Lunch  


Session I (6 x 10 min slots) – Chair: Miss D Bose  


13.30 –Fixation of clavicle fractures. Outcomes of single vs double      plating.

Morad R, Malik SS, Uhaira O, Jordan R, Massoud S



13.40 – Importance of K-Wire Positioning and Use of Fibrewire in Improving Tension Band Wiring in Patella Fracture Fixations

Atiea A, Dewan V, Gella S, Junaid S. Aston Uni

13.50 – Acute management of ankle injury: Are we adequately and promptly reducing fracture dislocation in the Emergency Department?

              A Al-Sukaini, D Westacott, A Odeh, S Wasim, E Battaloglu, M Waites, Dudley

14:00 – Hold Your Horses – A Retrospective Study of Equine-related     Trauma

              Liaw F, Govilkar S, Woo T, Britton I, Youssef B, Lim .UHNS


14:10 – Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Management in Intravenous Drug      Users

Orfanos G, Lim J, Youssef B.



14:20 – CT evaluation and definition of safe corridors in the anterior   column fractures of acetabulum fixed using in out in technique.

Dwarakanath L, Lal P



14:30 – FG Allen Lecture – Wg Cdr Jon Kendrew “You’re an unexpected survivor, what next? The future of prosthetics in military blast amputees.”


15:00 ———————————-BREAK———————————


Session II (4 x 10 min slots) – Chair: Mr E Bache

15:15 – Interruption of long-term warfarin is not necessary in patients           undergoing total hip arthroplasty surgery.

Mussa M, Chikkalur P, Isbister J, Deshpande S, Isbister E.


15:25 –Five year outcome after hip arthroscopy

Lotfi  N,Chauhan G, McBryde C.




15:35 – Ten year survivorship of Conserve Plus hip resurfacing arthroplasty using Harding’s approach.

              Ainin S, Wahab K. Heartlands 

15:45 – Fasciotomy for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome of the Leg: clinical outcome in a large retrospective cohort

            JPH Tam, A Gibson, JRD Murray, M Hassaballa

Avon Orthopaedic Centre


16:05 ———————————-BREAK———————————

16:15 – Naughton Dunn Lecture – James Berwin (WOC Uk representative for BOTA) “Overseas work; UK trainee and trainer survey”

Session III (6 x 10 min slots) Chair: Mr C Docker

16:45 – Outcomes Following Revision Cubital Tunnel Decompression with an Adjunctive Porcine Submucosal Extracellular Matrix Nerve Wrap

Uhiara O, Jordan P, Chaudhry    T, Power D



16:55 –Survivorship of hip replacements in the skeletally immature – a single centre experience

Baird C, Jacques B



17:15 – Descriptive study of non-accidental injury spectrum in children

Dalwai R, Sharma A, Varghese B, VAdivelu R.




17:25 –Morton’s neuroma: Does the approach matter? A comparative outcome study using dorsal and plantar approaches

Balasubramanian B, Surendarraj N, Guha A, Pereira M.



17:35-Regional Audit of the Assessment and Management of Paediatric        Supracondylar Humeral Fractures

S Howles



High volume ropivacaine is superior to low volume bupivacaine in single level lumbar decompression or discectomy

Golmohamad R, Chauhan G, Lotfi N, Rao, Czyz.



To review the effectiveness of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy (Exogen®) in treating non-unions in hand surgery.

Uhiara O, Kain N, Brewster M.



Mid-term results and infection rates of high risk endoprosthetic replacement with and without silver treatment: A retrospective case control review.

Sheikh N, Parry M, Jeys , Stevenson J.



An Audit of the Management of Distal Radius Fractures

Richards, D. Thurston, H. Kirkham, L McGurk, D. Collet, R. Fawdington



Achieving high quality handover at Trauma Meetings

Dong H, J Archer, K Osman, S Howles, K Theivendran

Sandwell & West Birmingham


MyFracture – Can a smartphone app reduce non-union and generate data?

Dr Haneen Abed, Mr Raj Nandra, Mr Neil Eisenstein

Sandwell & West Birmingham


17:45 – Award Presentation

18:30 – Dinner at ‘The Physician’