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NEWS The BON-led national DRAFFT Impact Study was presented by Mr Sabri Bleibleh at EFORT Congress 2019 in Lisbon. Tremendous work and congratulations to all contributors.
We are proud to announce that the Birmingham Orthoapedic Network has been shortlisted for an HSJ Value Award 2019!
JUNE 2018 Medical Student Teaching Presentation – PILOT click here to participate   JUNE 2018

National Orthopaedic Collaborative DRAFFT Impact Study (DIS)

The BON is taking on the role of lead collaborative for the DIS aiming to establish current practice for acute adult distal radius fractures.

DIS represents a quick win for collaborators, as we are including the last 20 cases managed in 2017 at each site. Yes, that’s n=20 only to collect retrospectively per site.

Our dry run indicates that collaboration will take around 90-120 minutes once records have been located. Data collection will end July 31st 2018.

Credit will be given to all collaborators when publishing, following the ASIT guidelines in the IJS .

Protocol here

Register to collaborate here:

Varun Dewan (BON)

Harry Claireaux (Oxford)

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