National LIPUS Audit

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

The Birmingham Orthopaedic Network (BON) has initiated a survey about the use of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) in the UK under the guidance of a broad national expert user group.

The purpose OF this questionnaire is to evaluate the current use of LIPUS devices in the UK. This has not been audited in any detail on a national level as advised by NICE IPG622. This data will assist in establishing the current practice in the UK and form the basis of future prospective evaluation of LIPUS use in UK, ultimately informing the creation of a LIPUS registry.

The BON research group are trying to gain an understanding of the indications for usage, how people use LIPUS and challenges clinicians may face when they try to use LIPUS for their patients.

The survey, designed by the BON group, is completely anonymous with the data captured used to shed some light on the challenges clinicians might encounter in their practice and improve future use or access for appropriate cases, using analysis provided by the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WM-AHSN).

This is the link to our survey: 


Expert Research Group:

Mr Ansar Mahmood (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham)

Wing Commander Jon Kendrew (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham)

Mr Martin Taylor (Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Leeds)

Ms Ines Reichert (King’s College Hospital, London)

Mr Kar Teoh (The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust, Essex)

Registrar Lead:

Mr Mohammed Elmajee

BON Research Committee:

Mr Varun Dewan

Mr Basil Budair

Mr Rajpal Nandra

Mr James Archer

Mr Khabab Osman

Mr Calum Thomson