Research & Audit

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

The BON is a trainee initiative to promote collaboration and seeks to facilitate research across the region.

This virtual platform will allow development of regional research & audit projects with the aim of  influencing clinical practice for patient benefit. We will continue to improve our model to ensure adaptability and develop a dedicated group geared towards completion and delivery on all projects.

We also aim to serve as a regional coordinator for national studies as well as inter-specialty collaboration.

With the rotational deployment of trainees there is often insufficient time to complete any given research project. The BON hopes to address this with the development of this virtual platform supported by senior colleagues to ensure that projects when started, are completed.

Click on the following links for current active projects – Login Required – Research & Audit Hub

Collaboration Benefits

  • Regular research meetings will allow small ideas to be developed into viable projects with maximisation of potential
  • Projects can be driven forward to completion within the group
  • Coordination of larger scale projects with bigger sample sizes to enhance statistical power of studies.
  • Trainees will be able to identify areas of research development in their own careers
  • Trainee leads on regional projects will demonstrate management, leadership and teamwork
  • CVs will be enhanced through publication and presentation
  • Peer support and interaction will foster a more cohesive learning opportunity.
Authorship Policy
All BON projects will list key authors and either all contributors as authors, or will utilise “Birmingham Orthopaedic Network” under the title with reference to complete author subsection at the end. We draw this method from the London Surgical Research Group.