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Powerpoint Template for BON Presentations – BON PPT Template


A research project aims to contribute to the evidence base to improve and develop clinical services. Deciding on a research project can be very tricky but a methodical and collaborative approach can ensure that a study is started in the right way and reaches a satisfactory conclusion.

  1. Identify research ideas that interest you.
  2. Strategies for finding a topic.
  3. Develop an overview of your research idea.
  4. Strategies for developing an overview.
  5. Identifying keywords and subject headings.
  6. Organize your research and write a preliminary topic statement.
  7. Write a preliminary topic statement.

If you have an idea for a research project, please email it through for discussion at the BON Trainee Research Group Meeting. We will hopefully be able to cover the following topics to optimise your project and it’s pathway.

  • Research Development
  • Methodology
  • Ethics Support
  • Grant Application Support
  • Statistical Support
  • Governance
  • Insurance
  • Tissue Authority
Current Research Projects

BON supports and encourages collaboration for multi-centre audit studies. It also aims to encourage completion of all audit projects at BOTP affiliated hospitals. We hope to keep information on these pages to allow for easier handover of departmental audits but also to coordinate regional audits.

Departmental Audit

If you are carrying out an audit project at a single hospital trust, read the below information before registering the details with us. Registration is purely voluntary at this stage, however if a project is unlikely to be completed prior to your departure from the trust then this may facilitate handover to incoming colleagues. Benefit of registration also ensure that if you are involved in a project then acknowledgement and credit is given for your contribution.

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Name of project
  4. Reference of Standard
  5. Local audit registration number
  6. Local consultant lead for project

Local Audit Registration Form

Local Audit Database

Regional Audit

If you have a regional audit proposal, it will be discussed at the monthly trainee research meeting. In order to proceed, you will, as coordinator for this audit need to generate the following:

  1. Name of project
  2. Reference Standard
  3. Template Audit Registration Document
  4. Clear Protocol (including time period, data collection technique, advice on anonymisation of data, safe data transfer)
  5. Your name and email
  6. Hospitals to be included in study and local registrar and consultant lead.


Sample Regional Audit Protocol – this is the template document that should be used to generate protocols to send to all potential participants.

Regional Audit Database