2013 Summer

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 31st May

Venue: University Hospital North Midlands

President: Mr John O’Hara

Naughton Dunn Guest Lecture: Fixation of Tibial Fractures – Professor Peter Thomas (FRCS)

Best Paper Prize – T Knight

Best Poster Prize – A Jaiswal


Triage service reduces burden on specialist centres for musculoskeletal oncology Beaven A, Moores T, Stevenson JD, Rees R (University Hospital North Staffs)

Life expectancy of patients with lung carcinoma and bone metastases presenting to a regional Bone tumour unit Ahmad S, Cribb G, Pemberton C, Cool P (RJAH Oswestry)

Current management of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE). A review of patient dermographics and management at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Ward J, Cooper G, Chaudry F, Bali N, Bache CE. (BCH)

Comparison of reversed locking compression-distal femoral plates and blade plates for proximal femoral osteotomies in the management of paediatric and young adult hip pathology Maclean SBM, Evans S, O’Hara JN (ROH)

The Dudley Grid: An evidence based audit/research tool to investigate mortality risk following a displaced intracapsular hip fracture. How it can be applied in practice. Gandhi MJ, Kuiper J-H, Bhasin S, Ford DJ, Marsh A, Quraishi S. (Dudley)

The use of the Exeter Universal cemented stem in a district General Hospital: 17-20 year results  Stevenson JD, Heaver C, Carrothers A, Lim J, Perkins RD (Princess Royal Hospital,Telford)        

Prevalence of radiographic fatures of Femoro-acetabular impingement syndrome in asymptomatic active servicemen.Penn-Barwell J, Bache CE, Wood AM, West A.(RCDM Birmingham)

Medium term results for revision knee arthroplasty using rotating hinge device. Malhotra A, Smith A, Spencer Jones R, Karlakki S, Graham N (RJAH Oswestry)

Standards for the Oxford knee score following total knee replacement and unicompartmental knee replacement Matharu GS, Robb CA, Pynsent PB. (ROH)


Arthroeresis for symptomatic paediatric flatfeet – early results Bali N, Maclean S, Prem H (BCH)

Does Timing of ankle ORIF have any relationship with wound infections? Jaiswal A, Lim J. (University Hospital, North Staffs)

Short term outcome following peroneus brevis transfer and hamstring augmentation for the management of chronic Achilles tendon rupture Ahmad S, Heaver C, Carmont M (Telford)

*BEST PAPER* Material stiffness matters. A biomechanical study of micromotion in the fixation of intra-articular distal radius fractures. Knight T, Cheung G, Rhee S, Ford D, Herman-Kuiper J.  (RJAH Oswestry)

Open hand fractures: Two years of experience at a hand centre Bolt A, Wei R, Pinder R, Chester D, Waldram M.(QEH, Birmingham)

Wrist fusions in a district general Hospital from 1996-2012: outcomes and complication rates. Isaacson A, Heaver C, Bhoora IG.(Stafford)


Septic arthritis: Systemic inflammatory markers friend or foe Isaacson AL, Smith L, Critchlow T  (Telford)

Re – operation rates following Brostrom repair (direct lateral ankle ligament reconstruction) Hardy E, Baraza N, Pereira M (Alexander Hospital, Redditch)

The use of synvisc-one in treatment of symptoms of knee osteoarthritis – a district general hospital experience Thakrar RR, Robinson I, Xu S, Bell KM (Alexander Hospital, Redditch)

Locking Plates in pubic symphysis diastasis:case series Hamad A, Pavlou G, Dwyer J, Lim J. (University Hospital North Staffs)

Review of practice: Management of buckle fracture of distal radius in a tertiary centre Chaudhry F, Vadivelu R, Bache CE (BCH)

*BEST POSTER* The Oswestry risk index – an aid in the treatment of metastatic spine disease Balain B, Jaiswal A, Trivedi JM, Eisenstein SM, Kuiper JH, Jaffray DC.(RJAH)