2014 Summer

@ The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Date: 13th June

Venue: Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

President: Mr John O’Hara

Naughton Dunn Lecture: Reverse shoulder replacement. Duncan Learmonth (FRCS)

Best Paper Prize – G Matharu

Best Poster Prize – K Lamb


*BEST PAPER* Predicting high blood metal ion concentrations following hip resurfacing. Matharu G, Berryman F, Brash L, Pynsent P, Treacy DJ, Dunlop. (ROH)

Post operative urinary retention following primary total hip replacement performed under combined general and spinal anaesthesia with intra-thecal opiate. David M, Dhuck R, Arthur E, Hemmings E, Dunlop D. (ROH)  

Coronal malalignments of cemented Exeter femoral prosthesis do not predispose to revision surgery from failure – a case control study. Wong F, Mangat K, Pynsent P, Mehra A. (Redditch)

Has best practice tariff (BPT) for hip fractures increased the time-to-fixation for other fractures? Sharma N, Clare T. (Dudley)


Foot and ankle

Minimally invasive surgery for hallux valgus without subluxation: metatarsal osteotomy not required? Mirza A, Prem H. (ROH)

Intra articular calcaneal fracture fixation using percutaneous fixation technique and bone grafting- a district general hospital experience. Kotecha A, Thakrar RR, Ghani Y, Tillu A. (Sandwell)



Pre-packing of cost effective antibiotic cement beads for the treatment of traumatic osteomylitis in the developing world – an in- vitro study based in Cambodia. Noor S, Mulhern K, Swanson A, Mony K, Vanny V, Gollogly J.

Radiation exposure in trauma surgery. Mangat K, Wong F, Wu F, Twaij H, Mehra A (Redditch)

Is synovial chondromatosis a truly benign condition? Evans S, Boffano M, Chaudhry S, Jeys L, Grimer R. (ROH)


Upper limb

Collagenase for Dupytron’s disease in the UK NHS – The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Experience. Yousif M, Breuning E, George E, Mishra A, Pinder R, Simpson C, Brewster M, Craigen M, Deshmukh S, Waldram M. (ROH/QEH)

Diagnostic difficulties in the radiological assessment of    Subscapularis tears. Ward J, McBride T, Dias R. (Wolverhampton)



*BEST POSTER* Novel Osteoporotic Bone screws Tested Using 3-D Rapid Prototyping. Lamb K, Swadner G, Leslie L, Theivendran K, Deshmukh S. (Aston Uni).

What size needle should we use for the injection of trochanteric bursitis? Wu F, Lee J, O’Dwyer K. (Worcester).

Anticoagulation reversal for neck of femur patients – a literature review and business case for Beriplex Brookes A, Tansey R, Bali N, Jiggins M. (Walsall)

Vein sheathing for sensory nerve repair in the upper limb Wu F, Mishra A, Shahid M, Jose R. (QEH)